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I learned the art of sewing at 18 out of the frustrations of being 6’5 and constantly spending money on clothing that never fit right. Everything was always too big or too short, however, as a man of solutions, I went looking for a teacher and was lucky enough to find Ms.Pauline & Neva, who taught me the tailoring fundamentals like garment construction, pattern drafting & manipulation and alterations. With those skills....

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An online e-commerce website that allows clients to purchase custom-made suits and also gives them access to their own personal designer/stylist.

Heritage suits are standard everyday suits anyone can imagine, think dark navy, mod (London) blue, charcoal, medium grey, black tuxedo etc...These suits are always available and can be purchased by anyone at anytime.

Privé suits are the more unconventional suits made from nontraditional fabrics and colors. Please note Privé suits are only available to those who have purchased at least one heritage suit first. Also, Privé suits are limited quantity. I’ll decide how many I wish to make, and once they all sell they’re gone, I will then be moving on to the next design so its first come first serve.